Can synactors make choices and can they express indecision?

There are two questions here. The first is phoilosophical; the second requires a knowledge of human and animal behaviour and a synactor's ability to mimic that behaviour in appropriate circumstances.

To answer the first question, Can synactors make choices?, the answer is "yes, they can appear to under particular circumstances." The basis for the choices that synactors can make is limited, however, by their programming. Some synactors in games are limited to particular courses of pre-programmed actions but as long as those actions are pursued in a non-predictable manner then such behaviour is indistinguishable from choosing between alternatives. In other words, non-predictable behaviour can simulate choice, even though the choice is to follow the toss of a coin. Predictable behaviour, on the other hand can appear mechanical, even though humans often behave in a predictable manner and would be considered insane if they always behaved in a non-predictable manner.

It comes down, then to the type of behaviour exhibited. If it is predictable and human-like that is good; if it is unpredictable and non-human like, then that is bad. Note that humans themselves might use certain types of behaviour to express inner torment and disturbance: mechanical and repetitive actions that ASD sufferers might exhibit lookstrange to many people, yet they are human behaviours because humans are capable of doing them and do execute them under certain circumstances.