Do synactors play games?

Synactors act in computer games, films, TV dramas and simulations targetting human audiences, not synactor audiences. Synactors themselves do not often play these games or view such media and learning products. That is because relaxing and learning are not natural activities for synactors.

Playing in a game is not the same as playing a game. So when do synactors themselves play games. Well, whenever a human plays against a computer, they are playing against a synactor, a computer intelligence. When you play chess against a computer, the computer is acting as a synactor. For a computer to act as a synactor is being a synactor. For a human to act as a synactor is not to be a synactor, however. Only a computer intelligence can be a synactor when acting as such and being such are indistinguishable and identical, where simulation and actuality are indistinguishable and identical.

Some computer games are self-referential in a post-modernist way. What's the videogame where I can play an early game in the same series on an old terminal in a compound building.

Sometimes a character might make a comment about the game not being a game. What is the literary critical term for such comments in a literary work?

Can an NPC play a game within a game? Are there examples of this? Certainly, I know that chatbots can be set up to have conversations between them. Aren't there examples of wargames where computer plays computer in determining or uncovering whether winning strategies exist in given scenarios.