Can synactors remember new things?

It is dissatisfying for humans that some games allow them to interact with NPCs over and over again and yet the NPCs give no indication that previous interactions have occurred. Humans tend to like to believe that their interactions with other have some sort of memorable impact on the other, and they can believe this when they see, hear or experience evidence of being remembered.

Can synactors remember their own experiences? Often they exhibit behaviours that indicate a lack of memory? A lack of memory is exhibited through a lack of learning? An NPC might exhibit the same ineffective behaviour repeatedly when apparently seeking a desired outcome where a human might not repeat the action but might quickly recognize the fultility of an action and try another course of action. If an NPC gets stuck in a corner, say, and moves left and right a number of times before hitting on an exit strategy, they looks odd to a human viwer.

In Skyrim, NPCs have some memory of the player in repeated interactions but this is exhibited only in casual greetings, such as welcome, the hero of X.